Strategic debt solutions

We provide senior loans to established UK based SMEs looking for strategic debt solutions.

The lending market is evolving and we at SME Capital are at the forefront of these changes. As traditional lending becomes increasingly lengthy, complicated and uncertain for SMEs, we offer bespoke lending solutions to businesses.

Our online platform enables a streamlined and collaborative process that provides flexible and affordable loans to businesses. Our tech-enabled lending process has been engineered from the ground up to ensure an efficient end to end process.

“Sensible lending to sensible companies.”

Peter Stevens Head of Credit, SME Capital


Source the capital you need

Loans arranged from £1m–£20m for well-established and profitable SMEs. Our online platform allows for fast and flexible lending.

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Add value to your clients looking to access capital

Assist your clients in completing the loan application through our intuitive interface allowing for an efficient process.

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SME credit specialists

SME Capital was founded in 2014 by a team of credit professionals and SME business advisors to develop a new long-term funding solution in an underserved market.

Our knowledge of credit and in-depth understanding of SMEs are at the core of our business. We leverage our wealth of credit experience through our sophisticated online platform. This innovative fintech solution has been developed by our team of highly experienced finance professionals and our in-house software development team.

Meet our team

Our platform standardises and automates the quantitative elements of credit analysis, enabling our team to focus on relationships. In a sense we've gone back to traditional banking practices of really getting to understand borrower's needs and tailoring the loan structure accordingly.

James KaberryCEO, SME Capital

We're very excited to be part of this 'non-bank lending revolution' that's sweeping through the traditional financial services industry. We're bringing institutional values and processes to the table and believe that we can be a significant player as the market develops over the next decade.

Tony BestChairman, SME Capital

We deliver a fully integrated solution to our clients by providing both a streamlined application and processing tool to borrowers as well as a loan origination, management and ongoing monitoring suite to investors.

Thibault LancksweertCFO & COO, SME Capital