Funding SME growth

SME Capital was founded to support the growing number of SMEs who face difficulty or frustration in accessing capital through traditional methods. We understand the importance of real and trusted relationships in the lending market and have dedicated regional directors based across the UK. Unlike other lenders we cater to businesses with strong cash flows rather than focusing on the asset base.

To date, we have £300m of lending capital available to established UK SMEs in order to support their long-term objectives and business ambitions.

Credit Philosophy

  • Local relationships at our core – we have local experts ready to support you
  • Holistic approach to credit – we take the time to really understand your business
  • Bespoke structures – we offer sculpted amortisation structures including capital repayment holidays

£300m of lending capital available to profitable and established UK SMEs


Average interest rate

“Sensible lending to sensible companies.”

Peter Stevens
Head of Credit, SME Capital

Our platform standardises and automates the quantitative elements of credit analysis, enabling our team to focus on relationships. In a sense we've gone back to traditional banking practices of really getting to understand borrower's needs and tailoring the loan structure accordingly.

James Kaberry
CEO, SME Capital

We're very excited to be part of this 'non-bank lending revolution' that's sweeping through the traditional financial services industry. We're bringing institutional values and processes to the table and believe that we can be a significant player as the market develops over the next decade.

Tony Best
Chairman, SME Capital

Everything we do is focused on improving the experience for our borrowers and their advisors throughout the transaction process. Our application process is simple, our decision making is transparent and our reporting module is admin free. We’re delighted that our customers are affirming the value we’re bringing to the market.

Thibault Lancksweert
CFO & COO, SME Capital