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Join a growing network of trusted partners and help unlock institutional capital for your clients. Our platform allows your clients to access capital within very short time frames. Through your dedicated dashboard you will be able to manage all your client's loans as well as collaborate with colleagues and other advisors. You can apply for and manage multiple loans for your clients as they progress through the borrower journey.

Central role in the application process

You will be able to complete a loan application, proactively drive the transaction process, engage with the SME Capital team and assist your client at every stage until completion.

Improved collaboration

Our intuitive online platform centralises the lending process and allows for continuous dialogue and collaboration between all parties, from initial application through to completion.

The right amount and structure

We provide loans from £1m–£20m. Our loans are long-dated with bespoke repayment schedules, giving your clients the flexibility they need.

Fast, streamlined lending

Our platform allows for a much faster process than that of a traditional lender. Your client will get an indication of interest after 48 hours, and funding in as little as 4 weeks from initial application.

A long-term relationship

We value your involvement as a professional advisor. Our ongoing support empowers you to efficiently lead multiple client applications.

Confidential and transparent

Our secure centralised document library greatly improves communication between all parties, providing visibility on loan status and ensuring safeguarding of your client's confidential information.

Access significant amounts of capital

Borrow up to £20m for periods of up to 7 years at competitive rates.

Flexible and transparent

Assist your client proactively throughout the process via a dedicated workflow.

Cost and time-efficient execution

Our intuitive online platform simplifies and streamlines the transaction process.

Easy registration on behalf of your client

Manage the application and provide your clients with regular updates and clear advice.

Graeme Macfarlane

I've seen the gradual decline in bank lending to SMEs while working in commercial banking for the past 25 years, so it's no surprise that I've received more business plans in the first few months at SME Capital than I did in the last 6 years in my previous role.

Graeme MacfarlaneOrigination Consultant, SME Capital

Taking the pain out of SME borrowing

Breakdown of communication between all parties involved

We improve coordination by providing full visibility on loan status throughout the lending process

Typically excluded from debt related decision making

Our dedicated workflows allow advisors to be actively involved in all aspects of the transaction process

Risk profiles of traditional lenders are restrictive and inflexible

We will consider your client's business on its own merits and will structure the loan accordingly

Raising non-bank capital fast and efficiently

SME Capital provides institutional capital to support SME growth. Our collaborative online platform standardises, simplifies and streamlines the entire transaction process, allowing more flexible loans to be arranged faster than with traditional lenders.

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We had spoken to numerous high street banks about a complex MBI and received limited interest due to their lack of understanding of my client's business, its place in the market and the experience of the MBI team. SME Capital's more commercial approach was impressive; we received an initial offer of debt funding within a week and completed the transaction within 5 weeks.

Steve Bell Director, Castle Square Corporate Finance

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