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ASCEND - A new, flexible funding solution

SME Capital has joined forces with SCIO Capital, a specialist European secured credit manager, to provide a new, flexible funding solution: ASCEND.

We are a relationship driven investor whose funding solutions are designed to help SMEs grow and capitalise on opportunities. We understand what motivates hard working entrepreneurs and management teams, offering debt facilities with warrants and do not seek to control the day to day running of your business. We assess each business on its own merits, providing tailored investment support through a streamlined transaction process with the majority of the diligence undertaken in-house.

ASCEND provides mid-sized SMEs access to debt structures and terms ordinarily preserved for larger businesses.

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Available to UK SMEs
We work with businesses that typically have:

check-bullet  Earnings over £750,000

check-bullet  At least 3 years trading history

check-bullet  Sustainable profit profile

check-bullet  A proven management track record

What gives SME Ascend the edge?

Flexible lending parameters

We spend time understanding your aspirations and goals, ensuring the business loan fits your needs.
Designed for growth

Flexible financial support to boost SMEs across the UK, focused on profits, growth and cash generation.
Sector agnostic

We lend across sectors and assess each borrower and loan application on its own merits.
Interest only loans

We offer 100% bullet loans to allow for efficient capital management and flexible use.
Local ownership

We are committed to investing in profitable businesses, impactful in their local communities.
Local presence

Our Regional Directors, based across the UK, will meet you locally and are available to guide you through the application process.
Enix Ltd – Quote

“SME Capital's expertise in the sector, coupled with a desire to work with us for the long term made it an easy choice, and we look forward to growing our business alongside them in the future.”

- Elliot Pearse, Co-Founder Enix (Borrower)



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