Borrow from established institutional investors

We provide institutional investors with access to quality businesses

SME Capital helps businesses source debt financing by providing access to a select group of professional investors who are committed to supporting SME growth. Our capital partners, looking to diversify their portfolios through SME credit, provide us with continuous feedback which allows us to effectively match your loan requirements with the right investor. This allows us to offer flexible and affordable loans to businesses, and security to investors.

In partnership with Cirdan Capital Management we have created the SME Capital UK Enterprise Fund which will invest in loans, primarily originated by SME Capital.

Working with professional capital partners

Our platform is tailored for institutional investors

We offer businesses the confidence of dealing with an experienced and professional counterpart that understands SMEs.

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Capital market specialists

Adding value to businesses looking to access capital

SME Capital enables the deployment of capital from large institutions into a corporate loan segment that historically has only been supplied by traditional lenders.

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Tony Best

Our lenders are reputable institutional investors looking to diversify their credit portfolios. They get access to strong underlying credit opportunities while companies looking to borrow get the flexibility they are looking for in structuring the loan.

Tony BestChairman, SME Capital

SME Capital enables investors to find high quality opportunities through our collaborative and streamlined platform

Through a dedicated dashboard, investors can find opportunities based on specific parameters such as ticket size, sector, diversification, terms and credit ratios. We provide a full investment suite to investors allowing for efficient portfolio management; from origination to credit analysis and ongoing monitoring.

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Alternative lending to SMEs is a great way forward given that traditional lenders have left an empty space that needs to be filled. This is an exciting segment of the credit universe where high single digit risk adjusted returns are achievable through large diversified portfolios of senior secured loans, predominantly backed by physical assets, and mostly uncorrelated to traditional markets.

Antonio de NegriCEO and Portfolio Manager, Cirdan Capital Management

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