Streamlined online application and indication of interest after 48hrs

Our platform allows for a much faster process than with a traditional lender. You will get an indication of interest after 48 hours, facilitating a drawdown in as little as 4 weeks from initial application.

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Access and manage your loans from the dashboard

You can proactively manage all aspects of the loan application until completion. Your dedicated dashboard will allow you to stay informed of payment dates and ensure easy ongoing reporting until maturity.

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Invite colleagues and advisors to participate and manage your company details and loans

Our intuitive online platform streamlines the lending process and allows for continuous dialogue and collaboration between all parties, from initial application through to completion.

Collaborate with colleagues

Store documents

Securely store and manage all company material from the document library

Our centralised and secure document library greatly improves the sharing of information between all parties, allowing for improved collaboration and the safeguarding of confidential information.

Manage and store documents


Source the capital you need

You will be assigned a relationship manager following registration, ensuring a smooth and simple application process.

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